{Dopey Challenge 2015}

Here I come! :D

We just registered for the Dopey Challenge and I may have fallen down the stairs in excitement.  Poor knee.

No worries, I have 259 days to heal it before I race another 48.6 miles!

If you want a good laugh, here’s “The Great Medal Caper" from the Goofy Challenge and the Donald Duck Half Marathon!

*The Dopey Challenge is a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and full-marathon run consecutively Walt Disney World!  Read about our previous Run Disney races here!

*Holy molies, the race sold out within a few hours - but it still looks like there are a few spots in the individual races!

{Spring Training, 195 Days until the New York City Marathon}

How was your week?  Mine was great and I hope yours was too.  

And it’s Marathon Monday and I’m absolutely avoiding everything I need to be doing and watching the live feed of the Boston Marathon.  

Tracking my spring training for when I formally start to train for the New York City marathon is sobering, uplifting, and everything in between.

I had a fun filled week of running but with very low mileage - the arm hurt when running and it was SO frustrating.  Additionally, pt was a test of my patience because hey, I should be cured by now right?

I get questions on what is wrong with my arm and the best way to describe it is that because of a tear in one of the tendons holding the rotator cuff, I have developed frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis.  

The link opens to the wiki page and it gives you a great overview of the condition and although yes, it can take patients two years to heal, I am lucky to be young, athletic, and flexible (do some yoga people). 

My Spring Training:

Monday: 45 minute Spin Class at OYM, PT

Tuesday:  3.5 miler

Wednesday: 3 mile Discovery Run with the Crew!  We ran to the lake and I miss those ladies so!  I also got to hug the stuffing out of Danielle who just raced the Paris Marathon. 

Thursday: More spinning, continued with PT and stretching and an awesome dinner at Cantina Lareda to say goodbye to a lovely person from Nike and the Nike Training Club!  She is so talented, she is headed to the World Cup and will be working for Gatorade!

On Wednesday, I made the silly decision to try to use a pull-up bar which resulted in shooting pains in my arm and lots of tears - it’s the sudden movements that get you!

On Thursday, I followed this by my arm getting pinned above my head accidentally.  So everything - my shoulder, my cuff, and the front of my chest was tender and swollen to the touch.

By Friday, when I got to physical therapy, I was a total brat to the poor guy and just wanted it to be over. 

On Saturday, we started Easter weekend by running the Bunny Rock 5K.  I ran a few extra loops to hit my mileage total AND there was a petting zoo (goatz people!).

I definitely felt better when I sat down and decided on my NYC marathon training plan and started drafting the little excel chart.  Something just clicked and I felt inspired to give a little more:  more reps and sets in pt, more running drills, and more miles even if they are slowly.  

We will be remembered for how happy we can make ourselves and others and I would rather be someone who tried my darndest instead of an anxious mess!

Saturday was awesome fun because we joined Andrea and (her) John and celebrated with margaritas.  Lots of margaritas.  

Easter was a lovely brunch at Feast (it’s become our little tradition) - I love putting on a bright and playful Easter dress and there were several attempts to bunny ear the pup! (here’s me with my ears and here’s Nigel!)  You know you can’t get enough of bulldogs with bunny ears!

Go get Monday!